Manuel González – Sanz joins Brennan & Partners as Senior Advisor

28th February 2024

Brennan & Partners is delighted to announce that Manuel A. González – Sanz has joined the company as a Senior Advisor.

A Senior Advisor at Brennan & Partners, Sr. González Sanz is a former Costa Rican Foreign Minister, Minister of Foreign Trade, President of PROCOMER and Ambassador to the United Nations.

Sr. González Sanz currently holds a number of domestic and international roles, including as a Partner of leading Costa Rican law firm Facio y Cañas.

The appointment of Sr. González Sanz to the Advisory Board reflects Brennan & Partners’ ongoing commitment to promoting long-term, ethical and sustainable trade and investment initiatives between Latin America and the world on behalf our client base which includes governments, corporates and investors.

Sr. González Sanz joins the Latin America Advisory Board at Brennan & Partners, Chaired by Enrique García and now comprised of the following Senior Advisors: Professor Mercedes Aráoz, Alfredo Moreno Charme, Manuel Gonzalez Sanz, Dr. José Antonio Meade Kuribreña, Alfonso Prat-Gay and Dr. Andrés Rugeles.

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