Rory Muse Associate Director, Global

Rory is an Associate Director, Global at Brennan & Partners, bringing over a decade of experience of internal and external stakeholder engagement, product management, R&D commercialisation, strategy development and go-to-market execution. He has extensive experience of working with commercial partners, the UK Government and governments internationally including in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Prior to joining Brennan & Partners, Rory worked at leading international healthcare company Bausch + Lomb, where he was responsible for sales and product management within the pharmaceuticals business, specialising in FMCG e-Commerce.

Rory previously worked for almost a decade at De La Rue, the leading secure technologies firm. Initially specialising in technology development, commercialisation and supplier partnerships, Rory subsequently held several roles within De La Rue’s corporate function across strategy, go-to-market and supply chain.

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